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Estate Planning

Estate Planning Services

Don Mills provides Estate Planning Services to couples and individuals in many North Texas Counties, including Denton, Collin, Wise, Dallas, Fort Worth, and others. He will work with you to create an Estate Plan to your satisfaction. He offers Estate Plans at a reasonable flat fee that includes as many consultations and as much correspondence as needed at no extra charge.

Estate Planning is used to manage your property effectively while you are alive and preparing written instructions arranging for the passing of your property to your family and/or selected beneficiaries upon your death with as little fuss and expense as possible. Planning your estate may involve making gifts, buying insurance, and creating a will, living trust, health care directives, durable power of attorney for finances, and/or other documents.

Estate planning is a process which involves the creation of an original estate plan and updating this estate plan as circumstances change and the law evolves.

Through estate planning, you can determine:

  • How and by whom your assets will be managed for your benefit during your lifetime if you ever become unable to manage them yourself.
  • When and under what circumstances it makes sense to distribute your assets during your lifetime.
  • How and to whom your assets will be distributed after your death.
  • How and by whom your personal care will be managed and how health care decisions will be made during your lifetime if you become unable to care for yourself.
  • Who you want to handle the management of your property during your lifetime if you are not able to manage your property and who will handle your property and affairs after your death.
Many people mistakenly think that estate planning only involves the writing of a will or preparing a trust. Estate planning, however, can also involve financial, tax, medical and business planning. A will or trust is only part of the planning process; you will need other documents as well to fully address your estate planning needs.

It is also important to keep in mind that estate planning is not just for the rich or well off; everyone needs an estate plan.

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